Getting Started With I CAN Schools

Are you ready to help build an amazing school community? We’re currently running a limited pilot program for I CAN Schools with middle and high schools in the USA and Canada. As part of the pilot,we’ll work together to build your program, ensuring that you are supported and that it’s an amazing experience. As well, we’ll be looking for your input and feedback on how we can make it better and smoother to roll out and deliver.

1. Register Here

2. Leadership Training

We offer a 30-45 minute online or in-person training session to get started for faculty and school leaders.

3. Upload School Data File

We need a list of students and faculty with a unique registration PIN for each person. This is used to link the account username to the real name, as well as for a security measure to ensure only members of your school join your group. Teachers should be identified on this file and will have additional features on the app.

See an example here:

4. Parental Approval

Here’s a one page letter and approval form for parents explaining the I CAN App:

5. Sign up on the I CAN App

Take me to the I CAN App below

6. Join your school

Follow the steps below to join your school. Students and teachers will need to enter their Last Name and the PIN you provided.

  1. Go to My Stuff
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Choose your school
  4. Tap the Join button

7. Review the Program

Each week your school will get a new challenge and supporting content. The I CAN Schools Pilot is 3 months long.

8. School Kick Off

You’re ready to go! Getting everyone excited and started is the fun part. We recommend an event like a school-wide assembly or a homeroom activity.