The I CAN App is the place for you to share your stories of impact and positivity to inspire others. Complete challenges, take pledges, and donate to real-world projects to make a difference. Join campaigns, your school, and groups to be a part of something bigger. Make friends and cheer them along. Learn more about causes that are important to you and level up along the way.

Where you can change your world.

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I CAN Nation is you…all of you.

It is the youth, the organizations, the charities, and the businesses that are all trying to have a positive impact in the world. I CAN Nation is a place of support, of encouragement, and of empathy.

I CAN Nation is made up of the dedicated members of the I CAN App who everyday, sometimes in the smallest of ways, change the world. I CAN Nation is where we rally together, joining our voices to make a loud roar that can be heard across the globe. Being a part of I CAN Nation means that you recognize that you CAN make a difference and that you are willing to take action.

Now it is up to you to raise your voice and make some noise!


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